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How to get that glow with these 10 natural tips!

featured blogs self care Aug 02, 2022

Skin that truly glows is cultivated from physical and emotional processes inside of you, including the nutrients that you supply to your body and your uplifting outlook in life. When you see someone with a glowing complexion (real life, no filter) you just know that they are doing something right. Here are 10 natural tips to help you get that glow, starting from the inside out.


1.       Improve your gut microbiome

The more we learn about the gut, the more we understand that is influences the way we look and feel, including the glow of your skin. Improving your gut microbiome will have profound benefits in every aspect of your life. Start to include antimicrobial herbs such is oregano, thyme, basil and clove into your daily diet. Also, seek out a Naturopath that specialises in gut health to do a traditional ‘weed, seed, feed’ cleanse.


2.       Change your pillowcase every 7 days

Your pillowcase can quickly trap sweat, makeup, mould, dandruff, dead skin cells and bacteria. This can cause blocked pores, acne, allergens, asthma and can interfere with your sleep quality. Wash your pillow with natural detergent and add 2-3 drops of lavender and tea tree oil for an extra health-boosting benefit.   


3.       Get your beauty sleep

While you sleep, critical repair work goes on in your body. Your body resets its hormonal profile and you can start to work on healing and rejuvenating the body allowing your skin to glow. Aim for 7-9 hours per night.


4.       Cut out dairy

Dairy can increase I-GF1 which increases inflammation and acne. There have been many studies that suggest that dairy can accelerate acne and other inflammatory conditions such as asthma and autoimmune conditions. There is a wide range of dairy-free products available such as almond milk, coconut milk, coconut yoghurt and dairy-free cheeses. Give yourself a good 3 months break and see if you see any improvements.


5.       Deep Breathing Practice

Allowing your body to breathe deeply and deliberately can reduce cortisol levels and allow your “rest and digest” nervous system to come out and play. This helps your body to assimilate essential vitamins and minerals and use them to regenerate new glowing skin.


6.       Make water your only beverage

Clear skin requires hydration and detoxification of toxins out of your body. Water will assist you with this so aim for 2-3 litres of water per day.


7.       Move your body to move your lymphatics

Your lymphatic system is important at moving toxins away from cells and getting them out of your body. This can help reduce acne and allow your skin to radiate and glow. Moving your body 30-40 minutes per day is the best way to increase lymphatic flow. Do whatever movement that makes you feel good, running, Pilates, HIIT or dancing naked under the moon.


8.       Increase your plants

Plants supply the body with the vitamins, nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants to support longevity and ageless skin. Your plate should be filled up with 70% green leafy vegetables. If you struggle to do this, google “paleo vegetable” recipes.


9.       Reduce Liver Loaders

Liver loaders are anything that is a burden to your liver such as sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours, pesticides, herbicide, endocrine disruptors and pollution. Follow foods listed in the “Dirty Dozen & Clean 15” and watch out for the bad “endocrine Disruptors”. Both are listed on the website.


10.   Consider Supplement

There are times in life where our bodies require supplementation for optimal health. For glowing skin, consider supplementing with cod liver oil, zinc, vitamin C, collagen peptides and probiotics.

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