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How to forgive yourself and let go of the past

featured blogs self care Aug 02, 2022

To live a fulfilled and happy life, you have to practice forgiveness. Trust me, forgiveness will change your life. I want you to practice forgiveness like it is your job!

Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful tool and you do not need to spend thousands of dollars doing personal development courses or spending months and months reading books on how to be a happier person. Think of it as a spiritual enema, it will clear all the shit out that has been blocking you from fulfilling your fullest potential as a human being and it will give you permission to be happy.


1.       Make a list of everyone that has hurt you in the past

Never underestimate the power of writing it all down. This is an incredible tool that can help you release stored emotions instantly which can sometimes take months even years to do. Start writing a list of people who have hurt you in the past; parents, bitchy friends, 4th-grade teachers or heartbreaking boyfriends. Release yourself from the memories and say out loud “I forgive you, I am sorry, I love you”.


2.       Start acting in accordance with your morals and values

Living in your ‘truth’ gives you a sense of pride and builds your self-esteem. This can help you to replace negative behaviours and thoughts you had in the past and embrace new and respectable morals and values. For example, I value uplifting relationships and health. I live in my truth by saying “No” to spending time with negative people and junk food and say “Yes” to hanging out with friends that love me unconditionally and eat food that energises me.


3.       Cut yourself some slack

When we learn to ride a bike, we realise that it will take a couple of tries before we are breezing through the park, peddle to the metal.  Your thinking pattern and new behaviours are no different. Understand that life will have challenges and you will constantly be learning new tricks along the way. Be kind to yourself, you are learning.


4.       Realise that you did the best you could at the time

The way we respond to situations depends on the skills we have, the frame of mind we are in and how we perceive the situation at that moment. Maybe you reacted in fear or perhaps you miss-read the situation. Whatever the situation was, cut yourself away from it. There is a learning out of all situations as hard as it is, accept it and release yourself from that memory.


5.       Practice Self-Love Rituals

Practising forgiveness allows yourself allows you to feel happiness in your body and showing respect and love to your body. You are your own best friend so speak to yourself like your own best friend. Say loving words like “good morning beautiful” every time you get up in the morning. Make yourself a priority and do things that make you feel blissful like getting a weekly massage, doing a workout, listening to your favourite music and cooking yourself a really delicious meal. Most of all, surround yourself with people that love and support you.

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