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Why Pilates is so ABBMAZING!!

movement Aug 03, 2022

What if I told you I know a movement that will give you a tighter waistline, a leaner body, flexible limbs, improve your posture, reduce your stress and even give you better orgasms! You would jump on board that train straight away right!?

Well, it’s time for you to jump on board with PILATES!!

  1. Pilates strengthens and lengthens the body for a slim, taller and toned body

    • Pilates is a full-body workout that focuses on lengthening the limbs and strengthening every muscle of the body. The result is an increased muscle tone, weight loss, defined abdominals and smaller waist.

  2. Pilates improves your self-esteem

    • When we improve our posture through Pilates we begin to correct our posture and become taller, shoulder back and head up. This posture is associated with those that are confident and has strong self-love for self. When we hold our head up high our belief in self increases and so does our self-esteem.

  3. Improve your sex life

    • As a Pilates instructor, I am constantly reminding my clients to “engage your pelvic floor” and ‘switch on your transverse abdominals’. In other words, I am asking them to do Kegel exercises throughout the class. Improving your pelvic floor has so many benefits inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

  4. Helps you stay cool, calm and collected

    • One of the fundamentals in Pilates is breathing. Deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth with each swift move allows you to connect with your body, focus on what you are doing and calms the nervous system. Reducing stress levels is important for not only a healthy mind but also weight loss as it reduces cortisol levels which is a hormone that tells the body to hold on to fat.

  5. It is for everyone!!

    • One of the most exciting aspects as a Pilates instructor is the diversity of clients I have in my classes. I have had young Bellarina’s in high school, football players and my oldest client to date are Betty that is her late 80’s (and yes she does hold a good plank!). Pilates brings the mind and body back into balance which is beneficial for genders, ages and fitness levels.

  6. It’s challenging and fun

    • Resistance training is the essence of Pilates which means you will continue to challenge the body and mind as you advance. I also have to mention the many toys that are involved in Pilates! From weights, magic circles, weights, feet in straps and boxes- the fun is limitless!

  7. Your state of wellbeing will improve

    • Pilates does not end when your class is over. It will follow you for the rest of your day. Your connection to breath, aligned joints and limbs and correct posture will keep you well balanced. You r brain will begin to realign yourself when you are at the desk, driving in the car and slouching which will have beneficial results as we age.

If you have thought about trying Pilates there is a smorgasbord of classes available at fitness clubs, personal classes and online. There are also different types, Reformer Pilates, Matt work and Barre Pilates. You are going to have a lot of fun finding which style and teacher you like.

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