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7 Benefits of Eating Sprouts

featured blogs self care Aug 02, 2022

Sprouts have a reputable name as a ‘Nutrition Powerhouse’ because they are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and phytonutrients. They are easy to add to your daily diet and because they boost your nutritional status, they have a very impressive list of benefits for you.


1.       Sprouts will enhance your digestion which is beneficial for those that suffer from digestive complaints or have low iron. It is estimated that sprouts contain 100 times more enzymes than uncooked fruits and vegetables. Enzymes are incredibly important in the body because they are the catalyst for thousands of body functions. One of these functions is to enhance your body’s ability to extract more vitamins, minerals and amino acids from you from your food. Having sprouts with your main meals can help you to digest and assimilate food, reduce gas and bloating and boost your nutritional status.


2.        During the sprouting process, the vitamin content increases dramatically. Vitamins A, B-vitamin complex, C and E are practically enhanced. These nutrients are particularly important for hormonal health and energy production.


3.       When beans, nuts, seeds or grains are sprouted, they increase their hormonal profile. This makes sprouts an excellent source of protein to help boost energy and weight loss. Lysine, for example, is increased during the sprouting process which is important to prevent cold sores and maintain a healthy immune system.


4.       The fibre content of sprouts is incredible. A high intake of fibre will promote healthy gut microflora, assist in weight loss and will bind to toxins and remove them from the body.


5.       Sprouts are rich in antioxidants and oxygen. They help to fight free radicals, protect the body against bacteria and viruses as well as promote healthy ageing and longevity.


6.       Sprouts are inexpensive and will save you a lot of money. As a Naturopath, I see a lot of my patients spending thousands of dollars on green powders and superfoods instead of embracing sprouts.


7.       You can grow your own sprouts at home. This offers additional environmental benefits as well as avoiding pesticides, food additives and pollution from travel.


You can find sprouts at your local farmer’s markets and most grocery stores. Popular varieties are alfalfa, mung beans sprouts and bean sprouts. Search for kale sprouts and broccoli sprouts as they are more concentrated in vitamins and minerals. Remember, they are inexpensive and really easy to grow at home. All you need is a sprouting jar and seeds and you are ready to go!

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